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Happy Endings........

 OLIVE:  16 year old OTT Thoroughbred Mare:


Meet Olive and her new owner Jill.  Olive came to us in July of 2012 as an animal abuse case with another mare Susie (see horses for adoption.)  It was apparent early on that she was a special horse with a big heart and a willingness to please.  When Jill met Olive it was love at first sight.  They spend their time together endurance riding in the Salinas River Bed.  Jill sends us updates often and we can't imagine a better fit for Olive.

Thank you Jill for giving this horse a purpose and a second shot at love.  She deserves every minute of it!


JEWEL:  13 Year old Thoroughbred Mare:


This is Jewel  She lived at out sanctuary for  six months before finding her forever home with Brooke and her teenage girls. Lots of love and attention for this girl.  She is a  thirteen year old registered Thoroughbred..  She is very smart and will love the forty acres and three other horses she gets to live with.  Congratulations Brooke on a great mare.


She was an animal abuse case and was removed by Santa Barbara Animal Control along with six other mares and some foals. Another well deserved "Happy Ever After"

BARON:  16 year old Thoroughbred Cross Gelding


Baron the beauty.  When your trusted vet calls to alert you that there is a horse scheduled to be

euthanized unnecessarily, as a sanctuary you hope to step in.  Meet Baron:  Mr. Personality!  Ask him to stick his tongue out for a treat and he will gladly comply!  We love our big guy and he has a forever home at our sanctuary.  Baron - you make us laugh every day and although you are challenging at times under saddle you are our boy and we will love and care for you for the rest of your life.

Baron is a flashy 16 hand thoroughbred cross.  We don't know much about his history because he had  "no contact wanted" when his owner walked away.  Their loss..... our gain.  Baron will always have a safe and loving home here at our sanctuary.


SHALE:  17 year old Paso Fino Mare:


Oh Sweet Shale!  Her previous owner was 97 years old and Shale was her first horse.  After she passed her children had no use for her and she was abandoned.  She was a breeder return, very thin and neglected.  In comes her princess in shining armor:  Clair Taylor from Taylor'd Equine Services to the rescue.  Lorraine meets Clair, Shale comes home.  Clair continued to drive 45 miles, 3 times a week to make sure Shale had the training she needed to really be the pony we know today.  She is the best little girl ever, with children, novice riders, whatever she is asked.  She has a forever home here at our Sanctuary.  What a great girl.



RUSTY:  24/5/6/7  Quarterhorse.


Rusty came to us via our friends at Miller's Horse Sanctuary where he had been nursed back to health from a really  abused, traumatic and neglected life.  He was thin, untrusting and really sick with proud flesh that has eaten away the flesh on his legs and sheath.  But boy look at him now!   We call him Romeo here as he loves the ladies.

Rusty, you are a special soul and you deserve the best.  That is what we have planned for you for the remainder of your life here at our sanctuary. 

Rusty has now left us in his thirties.  He was the best kindest guy.  Rest in peace Rusty you are with Lady once more.


LADY::  24 year old OTT Thoroughbred Mare.  Deceased.


Loosing this girl was the hardest thing.  Lady was another rescue from Miller's and she and Rusty were a pair.  She soon became my baby girl and we had a special bond that only a neglected horse can really appreciate.  Lady was just that, a kind and willing equine soulmate to me.


I miss her every day but take comfort in knowing that her last four years were probably the best of her life.  You have left your mark here Lady.  We love you.

Boundary Breaker, 21 year old Chestnut mare, right rear partial stocking, blaze, DOB June 3, 1992.


Boundary came to us in really bad shape.  She is a mare that will only thrive when happy - whichshe obviously wasn’t.  Out of the blue I get an email from her previous owner, the one that sold her unknowingly to an abusive situation.  Sarah & Les decided to give this mare a forever retirement home in Wisconsin with the mares she knows and loves.  This kind of full circle rescue feels so good.   Thank you to all who donated time and money to help me with this mare and boy did she rebound fast.

This is Boundary after one month with us.  Look at the difference in her eyes and coat.


She is a special soul and I know that if I had not have been contacted by her family I would have kept her here with me.  There are certain horses that can say "thank you for saving me"  She told me that every day with a knicker and warm breath on my neck.


Thank you Sarah & Les for making this story a "Happy Ending."  Good luck to you all.

Also, Thank you Erin & Ruth for all your help and support with this one. 



And boy look at her now.  Can you believe that is the same horse.  Thank you to our friends at Sunset Sands Quarter Horses in Wisconsin for coming through for Boundary.


Of all the rescues and adoptions I have been involved with I have to say this one feels the very best.

 For those of you that have friends that made financial contributions for her care please pass on this note of relief and gratitude from me.  What a beautiful end to an unfortunate story.



Meet Sweet Sadie.  Sadie is a classic pony but we like to call her a classy pony instead!  Not all rescues come from bad situations – quite the contrary in this case.  Sadie was loved and spoiled to the best degree, so when her owner realized that she could no longer care for her June found us and Sadie joined our herd.  She brings so much joy to the barn and we love her every day.  Sadie is a sanctuary pony and will remain here for the rest of her long sunny days.